Above, Theodore Bamberg, Professionally Known as “Okito,” at Work in his Pagoda Workshop, Ryswyk, Z. H. (Holland). The Lower Photos Show Products of His Shop.

It’s rather mixed up. Here’s a man who live in Holland…is one of the world’s foremost exponents of Chinese magic…makes his own illusions with the aid of American-made Delta tools. The man is Theodore Bamberg, who, under the professional name of “Okito,” is known around the globe for his masterful presentation of the ancient mysteries of the East. Mr. Bamberg has written several books on magic, and his contributions to the magician’s art includes many original effects as well as improvements on older illusions.

Naturally, Okito is a craftsman. Indeed, it is very rare, today, to find any illusionist who is not familiar with the use of both hand and power tools. What is more, however, Mr. Bamberg extends the scope of his craftsmanship to the furnishings of his own home. The two lower photos are excellent examples of project pieces produced in his shop. The lowermost picture shows a beautiful piece of hall furniture, which combines a full-length mirror, hall light, coat rack, umbrella stand, table and drawers. The other furniture piece is also a hall stand, combining a seat, flower stand, chest of drawers and umbrella stand. Both of these pieces are finished in Chinese lacquer in pearl gray, light green, chrome yellow and black. The center photo pictures a table of Chinese design, finished in red and yellow lacquer with black striping. The articles on the table are magical appliances, and typical of the kind of work which receives first consideration in the pagoda workshop. Like craftsmen the world over, Okito deplores the fact that ordinary photography does not portray the full beauty of these pieces. It can be seen, however, that the workmanship is excellent, and these items must be truly beautiful in their sparkling coats of colorful lacquer. The pictures shown here are but a few of several sent in, lack of space preventing the inclusion of the others. Mr. Bamberg is enthusiastic about Delta power tools. He is the first in six generations of craftsmen-magicians to forsake hand tools in favor of the quicker and more accurate results possible with power equipment. “I cannot praise to highly, ” he writes, “the accuracy of Delta machines. Your circular saw and jointer have enabled me to do work in one-tenth the time formerly required with hand tools.” (Reprinted with permission of Delta Manufacturing from The Deltagram, March 1937. All materials copyrighted by Delta Manufacturing.)